Frequently Asked Questions

Why join the Openhaus Community?
Real estate developers are constructing new buildings throughout the city. The success of a project depends on how well they sell, which funds the construction.

Openhaus is a property technology company revolutionizing property transactions through our social commerce platform. By joining us, you gain access to a plethora of property opportunities through which you can earn by leveraging the power of your network. Here's why you should join:

1. Empowerment for Local Residents: Take an active role in shaping your neighborhood's development.

2. Additional Income Opportunities: Earn rewards and commissions by guiding prospective buyers and renters in your network.

3. Trustworthy Property Discovery: Access verified listings and reliable information, ensuring a transparent and secure experience for your prospects.
Who can be an Openhaus Host?
At Openhaus, we believe that anyone with a passion for uplifting their neighborhood and a desire for an additional income stream can become an Openhaus Host. Whether you're a professional, entrepreneur, employee, homemaker, agent, or student, come onboard our platform and become an Openhaus Host.

You don't need to have a background in real estate or any prior sales experience. All you need is a smartphone with internet access and the enthusiasm to contribute to the growth of your neighborhood and yourself.
What is expected of you as an Openhaus Host?
As an Openhaus Host, your role is to:

1. Identify: Leverage your social networks to find potential property seekers.

2. Share: Distribute relevant digital property cards to match seekers with suitable properties.

3. Earn: Book site visits, track progress, and follow up. Earn a commission when clients book and register their property.
How much effort is required as an Openhaus Host?
The effort you put in directly affects your success. Devoting around 5-7 hours per week after work hours is usually enough to see successful closures and earn commissions. The more you distribute, the better your chances.

Building your identity as an Openhaus host can lead to referrals from your network. Social media ads can boost your outreach and gather leads.

Join us as a Host, invest your time, and reap the rewards.
How can we use our social network as Openhaus Hosts?
As an Openhaus Host, you have the opportunity to transform your social network into a valuable asset for success. Here's how you can make the most of it:

1. Identify: Find property seekers in your social networks and share the Openhaus experience with them. Use behavioral engagement analytics to understand their needs and level of interest.

2. Personal Conversations: Engage in conversations about properties and the market, guiding prospects. Encourage site visits for expert assistance from real estate developers' sales staff.

3. Utilize Social Media: Utilize social media features like stories and posts to showcase properties and engage with your audience. Maximize reach through paid ads as you gain confidence.

Leverage your social network effectively as an Openhaus Host and tap into the power of social media to drive success in real estate.
How do I form an opinion about the project?
At Openhaus, we ensure you have the information needed to form an opinion:

1. Personalized Project Visits: We arrange visits and interaction sessions with subject matter experts so you can learn about the project and the developer brand.

2. Satisfying Conversations: Engage in meaningful discussions, ask questions, and gather insights to evaluate the project's suitability.

Openhaus empowers you to make informed opinions and effectively engage with your network. Once you have a positive opinion, confidently communicate the project’s value to your social network.
What is tagging in Openhaus?
The tagging system in Openhaus operates on a "first come, first serve" mechanism, ensuring fairness and transparency. When you engage a prospect for a specific property through the platform, i.e. they open the link you shared with them and key in their information, that prospect is exclusively tagged to you. This means that if your prospect visits the property site and proceeds to close a transaction, it will be recognized as your generated visit or transaction.

Rest assured that when you identify a lead and initiate the tagging process, you secure your rightful claim over that lead and any subsequent payout.
Do I need to go for site visits?
No, it is not mandatory for you to personally attend site visits. The tagging system developed by Openhaus allows you to facilitate the property exploration process for your prospect remotely. However, it is recommended to enhance your prospect's experience and increase the likelihood of a successful transaction by offering assistance through in-person and physical meetings.

By providing personalized guidance and support, you can strengthen the trust and rapport with your connection, making their decision-making process smoother.

Remember, your active involvement can greatly contribute to the overall success of the transaction.
What are the earnings like as an Openhaus Host?
Earn upwards of 20 lakh rupees a year on successful transactions with payouts guaranteed by Openhaus.
How will I get paid?
Getting paid as an Openhaus Host is a seamless process. Here's how it works:

1. Successful Transaction: Once your prospect successfully closes a transaction, you can change their status to "booked" within the lead page of the Openhaus platform. This step indicates that the transaction has been finalized.

2. Claiming Commission: After updating the lead status, you can claim your commission through the platform. Openhaus Technologies takes care of the entire process, from invoicing to following up with the developer on your behalf.

3. Timely Disbursement: Typically, developers pay off the invoices after the registration of the unit, in around 45-60 days. However, Openhaus Technologies handles the collection and distribution of payouts to your bank account, adhering to the policies set by the developer. We will notify you when the payment is disbursed to your account.

With Openhaus, you can focus on your role as a host, while we handle the financial aspects efficiently. Join us today and experience a hassle-free payment process, ensuring you receive your rightful earnings in a timely manner.
When will I receive payment?
You will receive payment upon the completion of a successful transaction. Openhaus takes care of the entire process, ensuring a smooth payment experience for you. Here's how it works:

1. Successful Transaction: Once a transaction is successfully concluded, Openhaus will remit the payment directly to your disclosed bank account. We handle all aspects of the payment process, including invoicing and follow-ups with the developer on your behalf.

2. Developer's Policy: The exact timing of payment may vary based on the policy of the developer's office. Rest assured, Openhaus will coordinate with the developer to ensure timely and accurate payment disbursement. Typically developer’s payout commissions within 45-60 days of registration of the property.

With Openhaus, you can focus on your role as a host, confident in the knowledge that your payments will be handled professionally and efficiently.
What happens if you don't get paid for your efforts?
At Openhaus, we prioritize your interests and work diligently to ensure you receive the payment you deserve for your efforts. Here's what we do if any payment issues arise:

1. Transaction Registration: If a transaction has been registered with your tagging on the Openhaus system, rest assured that you will get paid. We have a robust system in place to track and verify your contributions.

2. Advocating for You: Openhaus acts as your representative at the developer's office. In the rare event that payment delays or issues occur, we take stern action to resolve the situation. We advocate on your behalf, striving to recover the dues owed to you.

3. Resolving Payment Disputes: We employ various strategies and measures to address payment disputes, ensuring that your efforts are duly recognized and compensated. Our team works tirelessly to resolve any outstanding payment issues, providing you with the support and assistance you need.

Openhaus is committed to protecting the interests of our hosts, and we take any payment-related matters seriously.
What if I run out of people to sell to?
At Openhaus, we understand the importance of continuously expanding your network and reaching new potential buyers. Here's how we can help you overcome the challenge of running out of people to sell to:

1. Certified Digital Marketing Courses: Learn effective lead generation techniques through our certified digital marketing courses. Expand your reach and attract new leads through performance marketing on digital platforms.

2. Continuous Lead Generation: With digital marketing skills, you can consistently generate new leads each month. Maintain a healthy sales pipeline and drive meaningful engagements, site visits, and transactions.

3. Expand Your Reach: Tap into a wider audience beyond your immediate network. Utilize online platforms to connect with potential buyers and renters, maximizing your opportunities for successful transactions.
How do I build my personal brand?
Building your personal brand is all about actions and reputation. Here's how you can do it:

1. Deliver Exceptional Service: Provide outstanding customer service and ensure a positive experience for every client. By going above and beyond, you'll create happy customers who will refer you to others and help build your brand.

2. Foster Transparency: Maintain transparency in your interactions and transactions. Build trust by being open, honest, and communicative with your clients. This will establish your reputation as a trustworthy and reliable professional.

3. Let Your Work Speak: Your track record of successful references and satisfied customers will speak volumes about your expertise and dedication. Focus on delivering exceptional results and let your work showcase your abilities.
Are real estate developers trustworthy?
What if the developer breaks my trust?
Real estate developers are trustworthy in today's ecosystem, thanks to the introduction of regulations such as MAHARERA (Maharashtra Real Estate Regulatory Authority). These regulations have increased accountability and transparency in the industry, making developers more reliable and customer-focused.

At Openhaus, we understand the importance of trust in the real estate process. We act as a trusted intermediary between you and the developer, ensuring transparency and protecting your interests. Our platform serves as a layer of trust, providing peace of mind.

However, in rare cases where a developer breaks your trust, we have measures in place to address the situation. Our approach includes the following:

1. Incentives and Support: Your success and satisfaction are our top priorities. We are directly invested in your journey and provide support throughout the process. If a developer fails to meet their obligations, we will stand by you and work towards a resolution.

2. Legal Action: In serious cases, we are prepared to take legal punitive action against developers who breach trust or fail to fulfill their commitments. We will use all available means to protect your interests and seek justice.

3. Platform Bans and MAHARERA Intervention: We have mechanisms in place to impose bans on platforms and escalate matters to the MAHARERA council, if necessary. These actions demonstrate our commitment to holding developers accountable and ensuring fair outcomes.

Rest assured that Openhaus is committed to maintaining trust and transparency in the real estate industry. We strive to provide a reliable and secure platform for your property transactions, always working in your best interest.


How do I share opportunities with my prospects?
Sharing is easy with Openhaus:

1. Access the Inventory: Go to the inventory tab located in the navigation bar at the bottom-left of the screen.

2. Select a Project: Scroll through the available projects and choose the one you want to share.

3. Share Button: On the project card, you'll find a share button. Simply click on it to initiate the sharing process.

Openhaus makes it simple for you to share projects with others. Start spreading the word about exciting properties today!
Can I send multiple opportunities in one link?
Absolutely! Here's how you can share multiple projects at once:

1. Select Multiple Projects: Using the multi-select feature, you can choose up to five projects from the available options on the platform.

2. Bundle Experience: Once you've selected the projects, you can share them as a bundle experience with your prospect. This allows them to explore multiple options conveniently.

Openhaus enables you to share multiple projects in one go, providing a comprehensive and convenient experience for your prospects. Start maximizing your outreach and showcasing multiple options to potential buyers or renters today!
Can I only share 5 opportunities per prospect?
No, there is no limit on the number of projects you can share with a prospect. While the multi-select feature allows you to share up to 5 projects at a time, you can continue sharing additional projects in separate bundles or individually as per your prospect's needs.

Openhaus gives you the flexibility to suggest multiple projects or single properties throughout the property discovery experience.
How do I gauge the level of interest of my prospect?
Openhaus provides real-time analytics to gauge your prospect's interest. Here's how:

1. Data-driven Insights: Openhaus tracks prospect engagement with digital property cards, providing you with meaningful analytics.

2. Engagement Metrics: Analyze metrics like time spent exploring projects and amenities to understand your prospect's needs and preferences.

3. Faster Transactions: Utilize these insights to suggest relevant properties and close transactions more efficiently.

Openhaus equips you with real-time analytics for a better understanding of your prospect's interests, facilitating smoother interactions and successful transactions.
How do I book a site visit?
Booking a site visit is easy on the Openhaus platform:

1. Click-to-book: Simply click on the “book site visit” button against your lead and select a date that is convenient for your prospect. Your prospect can also schedule a visit on their devices.

2. Automated notifications: Our system automatically notifies the developer's office and sends reminders to you and the customer as the visit date approaches.

3. Flexible timing: We understand busy schedules, so you can choose a suitable time for the site visit that works for both you and the customer.

Openhaus streamlines the site visit booking process for your convenience
What if my site visit gets cancelled or is a no show?
No worries! At Openhaus, we understand that plans can change. You can reschedule a visit any number of times. You can easily coordinate with the customer and select a new date and time that works for both parties.
How do i know if the transaction has happened?
As a host, you are responsible for tracking the lead's journey until closure. Here's how you can stay informed:

1. Maintain Contact: You have your prospect's contact number and a direct relationship with them. Stay in touch and keep track of their progress.

2. Lead Management: It's crucial to manage your leads within the Openhaus platform. Stay updated on the status of each lead and monitor their journey towards transaction closure.

3. Active Engagement: Continuously engage with your leads, address their queries, and provide necessary support throughout the transaction process.

By actively managing your leads and maintaining close communication, you'll be aware of the transaction progress. Openhaus expects you to track the lead journey and ensure a successful outcome.
How do i know if the transaction is registered?
At Openhaus, we actively track the progress of your prospect's transaction. Here's what you can expect:

1. Transparent Process: We maintain real-time communication with the developer's office to monitor the transaction status.

2. Seamless Invoicing: Once the transaction is registered, we handle the invoicing process and issue an autogenerated invoice for you upon payment collection from the developer.

3. Timely Payout: We ensure prompt payout release after payment collection.

4. Lead Tracking Responsibility: As a host, you are responsible for tracking the lead's journey until closure. Maintain close communication and actively manage your leads for a successful outcome.

With Openhaus, you can trust that we handle invoicing and manage the payment process, while you focus on tracking your leads’ successful transactions and registrations.
What happens if my prospect shares the links with their peers?
At Openhaus, we value your efforts and ensure that your leads remain exclusively yours. Here's how we handle shared links:

1. Tagging System: When your prospect shares the link with their peers, our tagging system ensures that you are tagged to these new leads. You will receive their lead data along with valuable analytics to help you continue the conversation and drive site visits and closures.

2. Secure Link Attribution: We guarantee that when someone opens the shared link for the first time, they will be tagged to you. This means that any potential leads generated through shared links will be rightfully attributed to you, preserving the connection between you and the prospects.

With Openhaus, you can confidently share links with your prospects, knowing that our tagging system will ensure your ownership of the leads, even if they are shared with others.
How do I register to become an Openhaus Host?
Just click here to register and start your journey with Openhaus. We look forward to having you onboard as a valued member of the Openhaus community.